Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology :-

Treatment Rendered By The Department :-

  • Laboratory Investigations -
    • Complete Haemogram
    • Blood sugar estimation
    • ESR
    • Cytology ( Exfoliative & FNAC)
    • Microbial smear
    • Urine analysis
    • Biopsy – Incisional & punch
    • Histopathological examination

Approximate number of patients treated per month- 536













  • Number of post graduate students- 10
    • Dr. Lalita Yadav
    • Dr. Aditee Sakrikar
    • Dr. Namrata Gajbhiye
    • Dr. Ravi Tale
    • Dr. Suvarna Ghige
    • Dr. Pratima Khobragade
    • Dr. Smita Chordia
    • Dr.Swati Bamane
    • Dr.Axita Dedhia
    • Dr. Amit Dalmia

  • Thesis submitted in M.U.H.S in last 5 years- 13
    • Detection of polymorphism in promoter region of MMP3 gene as a risk factor in pathogenesis of OSMF and OSCC:a Molecular study.
    • DNA ploidy analysis of OSCC- A retrospective Flow Cytometric Study
    • Immunohistochemical detection of ki67 in benign and malignant salivary gland tumors
    • Isolation and identification of P.gingivalis in chronic periodontitis patients- A PCR Study
    • Immunohistochemical detection of p53 at tumor invasive front in oral cancer
    • Detection of TNFα polymorphism in oral cancer
    • Immunohistochemical evaluation of mast cells in oral premaliganant lesions and OSCC
    • Detection of VEGF polymorphism in oral cancer
    • Detection of P. Gingingivalis and T. Detnticola in chronic and aggressive periodontitis- Comparitive PCR study
    • A Study of palatal rugue pattern, mandibular canine index & lip prints as aids for sex determination
    • Association between MMP-2 gene promoter polymorphism and susceptibility to oral cancer
    • Evaluation of erythrocyte indices & serum iron level in oral squamous cell carcinoma
    • Study of restored and un-restored teeth subjected to high temperature using stereomicroscope & SEM

  • New equipments in department -
    • Multi-viewing microscope AXR 51 (Pentahead)
    • Stereomicroscope
    • Automatic 'ELECTRA' Tissue Processor
    • LEICA Semi automatic rotary microtome with control panel
    • Equipments for immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    • Paraffin embedding bath(capacity 12 cups)

  • Scientific papers published –

    Dr. V.K.Hazarey

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  • Dr. (Mrs.) S. M. Ganvir –

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  • Other Achivements (If Any) -

    Dr. V.K. Hazarey –

    • Member – Indian Society for Cancer Research,
      • Member – Indian Society for Cancer Research,
      • Member – International Association of Oral
      • Pathologist. Organizing Secretary 7th National Indian Academy of Oral Pathology, Nagpur – 1998.
      • Member - Indian Dental Association.
      • President - Indian Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (2006)

    • Professional Assignments :
      • Senate Member - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
      • Advisor - Regional Cancer Hospital RST Memorial Cancer Hospital, Nagpur ( India).
      • Incharge - Community Oral Health and Deaddiction, Center Central Jail, Nagpur Community Activity of Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur. Expert Member Task Force ICMR "Oral Precancer-Cancer"

    • Work in Tobacco Control :
      • Deaddiction, Motivational Camps.
      • Legislation, Advocacy, Public Awareness Campaign.

  • Dr. (Mrs.) S. M. Ganvir
    • Member, Board Of Studies in pre-clinical (dental) subject-U.G. & P.G. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

  • Future Planning (Next 5 Years) —
    • To set PCR & IHC LAB.
    • Plan to expand the department.